The Simplest Breakfast Smoothie

This is probably my favourite smoothie recipe, it’s super simple and will keep you full up until lunch time. I like to add lots of oats as it makes this smoothie have good carbohydrates for slow releasing energy which will keep you going throughout the day. With the berries you don’t actually need them to be frozen, but i prefer it as they make them thicker and are cheaper when they are out of season. You can add ice if you don’t want to use frozen berries or even better use frozen bananas. Spinach is great because it has high iron and fibre levels, which will make you feel slightly less tired and when blended doesn’t give you a sorta rough and gritty texture, like when you blitz kale. Don’t be afraid to drink it if it goes a bit greenish, it still tastes delicious. I add Chia seeds, but you can add anything like hemp powder, or any other sort of protein powder but you can leave this out if you want. Just a word of warning don’t add the chia if you are leaving it overnight because it will absorb all or most of the water until you smoothie becomes solid. The Banana makes it  thicker and creamier whilst also adding some sweetness and the amount of milk you add may vary because people like their smoothies different consistencies. Also to make this smoothie vegan you can easily substitute milk with almond milk or coconut milk. This recipe is super simple and perfect for breakfast because its soo easy and doesn’t need to much prep or washing up.


2 handfuls Oats

3 handfuls of frozen berries

3 handfuls spinach

1 heaped table chia (optional)

1/2 cup milk

1 Banana



Stick everything but milk in your blender and blitz until it becomes very thick and smooth.

Then add some milk until it becomes the consistency you want.

Simple as that!!!



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