Salted Caramel Brownies

I like to make my brownies really dark so that it mixes well with the sweetness from the salted caramel sauce. Not much special equipment is need for this other than piping bags. I like to add pecans or walnuts and you can even add some white chocolate chunks if you want. When melting the chocolate and butter over the bain-marie remember to make sure the … Continue reading Salted Caramel Brownies

Butter Pecan Ice Cream

  So whilst travelling through Rochester, New York, my cousin introduced to something I’d never heard of, “Frozen Custard”. Depending on whether you are a custard lover or loather you may jump to a rash decision, but to your surprise the taste is very much similar. The thing I like about using custard rather than traditional recipes, which consist of whipped cream and condensed milk, … Continue reading Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Star Bouquet Cake

Ingredients Sponge Cake 300g Self raising flour 2.5 tsp baking powder 300g Caster sugar 300g Soft Unsalted Butter 5 eggs 1 lemon’s zest/rind Drizzle 1 lemon’s juice 10 tbsp granulated sugar 6 tbsp water   Icing 500g softened Unsalted butter 900g Icing sugar (sifted) 2 tsp milk 450g White ready to roll fondant Cornflour (Cornstarch) to dust 1 lemon zested Recipe Sponge Cake Lemon Drizzle … Continue reading Star Bouquet Cake

Galaxy Mirror Glaze

  Ingredients Sponge Cake White Chocolate Ganache 300g white chocolate 100ml double cream Glacage 150g caster sugar 150g glucose 150g white chocolate 75ml water 105g condensed milk 3tsp unflavoured powdered gelatin (and 75ml water) Recipe Sponge Cake   White Chocolate Ganache Break the white chocolate into chunks or alternatively grate into a glass microwavable bowl. Pour over the double cream and mix thoroughly with a … Continue reading Galaxy Mirror Glaze